Volunteer Your Special Skills

Volunteer Your Special Skills

Volunteering to help an organization with a strategic plan, special event, website, social media plan, photography, etc. is also a great way to enhance your own skills, make new contacts and new friends. A successful project adds to your resume and give you valuable experience.

Lend A Professional Hand

Legal skills. Business management. Real estate development and management. Marketing. Public Relations. Coding and engineering skills. Photography. Design. Websites. Social media. Interior design. Financial skills. Research skills. Strategic planning skills. Planning special events.. Woodworking. Teaching. Gardening. Cooking. Sewing. 

If you have these skills, Cambridge’s nonprofits need you. Contact us to volunteer particular skills that you have and when your skills are needed, we can send you an email. Just make sure to mention how you’d like to volunteer in the comment box. Thanks for lending a hand!

Join A Board

Are you interested in making a sustained serious commitment to local organization? Are you interested in joining a non-profit board?

Board members are people who promise to commit their time, treasure, or talents on behalf of a nonprofit organization. They are passionate about their organization and eager to see it thrive. They provide stewardship, guidance, and support to the best of their abilities.

Many Helping Hands 365 is happy to help make introductions. Email us about your skills and interests and we will send introductions to appropriate organizations. If they are interested, someone from that organization will contact you directly. Thanks!


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