On the Rise


On The Rise grew out of the hopes and stories of homeless women attempting to access programs in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area. Many did not fit the client profiles of these programs; others had been through program after program, never quite finding what they needed. The system gave up on them and they gave up on the system.

On The Rise was founded on the idea that dependable relationships catalyze healing and transformation.  They commit to relationships with chronically homeless women that are long-term and relevant to their entire life experience.  Their programmatic model is effective at truly reaching and helping homeless women because it offers a long-term relational approach that focuses on the whole person. From the most tangible needs, to deep, meaningful change, On The Rise helps nearly 450 women each year.


On The Rise depends on more than 350 individuals, families, businesses, faith-based communities, schools and other groups who provide energy, time, talents and resources to create and maintain a caring environment for the women who come to On The Rise.

While On The Rise does not invite individuals from the community to work directly with program participants, we offer projects and ways to be involved that demonstrate to women, who often feel shunned by society, that the broader community is concerned for their well-being.

This is because to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the women we work with. We do not offer volunteer opportunities that involve interactions with our women, and therefore do not offer volunteer opportunities while our program is open.

Please take a moment to review our Volunteer Policy prior to starting your service with us.

Service Days

Service days are held on the first Saturday of each month (except January and July) from 10AM-1PM. Learn more.

Cook A Lunch

Open and providing lunch six days a week, cook and drop-off lunch for the women of On The Rise. Learn more.

Coordinate A Moving Home Drive

Support a newly housed woman as she settles into her new home by fulfilling a wish-list of basic household needs. Learn more.

Tangible Essentials Drive

Host a drive to help provide any one (or more!) of our in-kind needs. Learn more.

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