Many Helping Hands 365

Many Helping Hands 365 (MHH365) mobilizes volunteers to build and sustain an equitable community for all in Cambridge.

We have three key areas of focus:

Community Service

We maintain an online directory of service opportunities and make it easy for you to find ways to volunteer and make a difference— alone, with friends, family or co-workers, once or weekly. MHH365 is a volunteer-created and managed organization. We also organize the annual Cambridge Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service when people of all ages and backgrounds come together to work to help people in need in our community to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. In addition, we partner with other groups to organize the annual Cambridge gun buy-back and, beginning 2019, Earth Day events.

Racial Justice Resources

We also offer an online directory of racial justice resources. Starting in 2020, we also began to organize and partner with others to create opportunities to learn about anti-racism and develop leadership skills. Look for more racial justice initiatives from us!

Civic Engagement

From organizing voter registration opportunities to supporting groups interested understanding how to effect policy change at every level of government to helping those who want to run for office find resources and mentors, MHH365 works to help all members of our community explore civic and political opportunities for social change.


We are volunteer-created and managed so we can always use more volunteer help!

Some of the help we need includes:
  • Website: Assistants to help update the website (1-2 hours per week)
  • Racial Justice Resources: help us build out our racial justice resource directory and create trainings and events.
  • Event Support: Online workshops, films, flash mobs, and of course teh Day of Service. We need your helping hands.
  • Voter Registration: Help us make sure everyone is able to vote!
  • Writing: We seek writers and photographers for short assignments, ie blogs posts for the website about volunteer experiences, work of local non-profits, volunteer events and more
  • Social Media: Social Media Assistant (2-3 hours per month)
  • MLK Day of Service: help deliver donations on and after MLK Day; help us finish blankets and scarves for homeless children, teens and adults; and lots more
  • Gun Buy Back: help us reach out to include new partners; help us reach people who may no longer want gun in their home
  • Earth Day: help us plan and coordinate 2019 Earth Day projects 


Civic Engagement, Community Events, Racial Justice
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