Innovators for Purpose


Innovators for Purpose (iFp) motivates high-potential youth from under-resourced communities unearthing their passions, cultivating skills, and reinforcing drive to inspire them to become creative doers capable of producing innovative solutions to the most complex problems in their communities and the world around them.

Our Integrated Creative Problem Solving (iCps) framework is a design process that helps youth unlock unique, innovative solutions to the problems they care about most. It actives both left-brain and right-brain, empathy and logic, creativity and analysis.

While this framework often directs students toward science, technology, engineering and math methods to solve problems, students naturally pull STEM concepts into their solutions in an integrated, non-threatening manner. Our  approach broadens participation in STEM and broadens students innovation mindset.



Exposing students to people, places and opportunities is central to our work.  We do this in many dynamic ways including taking them inside of the very “buildings they walk by every day.”  Our Saturday program is heavily field-trip based.  Students visit businesses, colleges and museums.  These trips go beyond simple tours to hands-on activities led by our respective hosts. 

The exposure is magnified in the Summer when students participate in 5-week design challenges to solve real-world problems such as “How Might We use robotics to extend the capabilities of people with disabilities?  Utilizing a design based approach borrowed from industry (Design Thinking), students make an emotional connection to problems leading to unique solutions.  Our network of STEM professionals and college students work side by side with the students enriching the experience and serving as role models. 


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