Harvard Square Homeless Shelter


Harvard Square Homeless Shelter is a student-run homeless shelter operating out of the basement of University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square. We serve 24 adults every night throughout the five and a half coldest months of winter. Over 150 volunteers keep HSHS’ doors open all winter.As an emergency shelter, we provide every guests with a safe bed, meals, and basic supplies. We also strive to equip our guests with resources and services that will help them successfully transition into housing. In the meantime, we hope to ensure a sense of dignity that is often absent when people have been maltreated or stigmatized because they are homeless.


Volunteers keep the shelter open. Volunteers cook food, clean, and chat with guests. We have four different shifts between 6:30 pm and 9:00 am – dinner, evening, overnight, and breakfast. There are multiple ways to get involved:The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter’s regular weekly shifts are commitments that run for approximately half of its season (but does not include the college’s breaks).If you’re interested in volunteering with HSHS but aren’t able to commit to a regular weekly shift, we would love to have you work in our shelter as a substitute volunteer! HSHS relies on substitute volunteers to fill in intermittently for open shifts. Substitute volunteers are especially needed during “break shifts” when Harvard College is not in session.Group are welcome to sign up for any of the shifts mentioned above! Reach out the volunteer director in early October for more information.More details are available at https://hshshelter.org/volunteer !

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