Community Charter School of Cambridge


Community Charter School of Cambridge (CCSC) is a charter public school. Located in the Kendall Square area near MIT, the school serves 360 students in grades 6-12.Open since 2005, CCSC provides a rigorous academic program that places all students on the pathway to college success. The CCSC academic program is demanding, and students are held to very high standards for both academics and behavior. The school’s small size and low student-faculty ratio ensure that every student is well known to and closely supported by a dedicated and skilled corps of teachers and administrators.


Are you interested in getting involved with our community? Please explore some of the current opportunities below and reach out to the school with questions.
Host a Senior Intern: All twelfth graders are required to perform a 100-hour internship in a company or non-profit from February through May. Read more about our senior internship program. If
you know of a local organization that would be willing to consider a student for a meaningful internship in the spring of 2018, please contact
Math Lab
Daily, except Wednesdays. Time and level of math varies based on the day of the week.
Students who need additional support and reinforcement in math concepts in middle school math, Algebra, and Geometry, are assigned a Math Lab block during their schedule. These small classes (8-12 students) are an opportunity for students to work through their math assignments during the school day with a teacher available for support. Volunteers would assist the math teacher with checking student work and answering questions.
After School Learning Center
3:45-4:45 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Our After School Learning Centers are open three days a week after classes end for students in all grades who desire extra help from teachers and learning specialists, or just a quiet place to study. Middle and High school students are in separate groups, and students who are at the center for a particular subject are grouped together. Laptops are available for students to use. There is no fee, and students may drop in one day one week or all three days.
CCSC @ Night
Every Tuesday 5-7  
CCSC @ Night is an opportunity for 9th-12th grade students to remain at school until 7:00 PM. Dinner is provided for all students who elect to participate. CCSC expects much from its students and CCSC @ Night provides them with a structured, safe, and quiet space to complete their required coursework.
Male and Female Mentoring
Every Thursday  from 3:45-4:45 with longer sessions one Saturday per month.
The mission of the CCSC Mentoring Program is to create a loosely-structured, yet safe, space for students to:
1. Establish long-standing, authentic relationships with positive adult role models outside their typical adult relationships (i.e., parents, teachers, coaches).
2. Cultivate the habits and perspective necessary for college success and long-term professional and personal fulfillment.
3. Engage in vulnerable, honest dialog about the challenges they face in their journey to becoming mature, contributing family members, friends and leaders in their communities.
Mentoring is done in a group setting rather than one-on-one as we believe all participants can learn from each other.
Annual Opportunities to Volunteer:
Roundtables participant (June)
Career Speaking with 10th graders (varies)
College Interview Prep (fall and winter)
Senior Internship Project Judge (May or June)
College Essay Boot Camp (fall)
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