Adbar Ethiopian Women’s Alliance

Adbar Women’s Alliance was established as a 501(c)(3) grassroots organization by a group of former refugees, immigrants, and individuals who wanted to create a safe place for women and their families. A place where they would be able to address issues and concerns pertinent to them.

Our work focuses on solving problems, building community, and empowering under-served women & their families.

Adbar Women’s Alliance is committed to empowering and enhancing the social, economic, and cultural status of low-income women, families, at-risk individuals, and under-served populations. We meet these objectives through community organizing, advocacy, and collaboration with groups and organizations that have shared objectives and vision; as well as by addressing the income gap through the creation of entrepreneurial and skill-building opportunities.


Please give your time to Adbar Women’s Alliance as it is a wonderful opportunity to help our cause by making a difference and impacting your community. Anyone that can help make a difference may volunteer.

You can volunteer in many ways such as: sharing your skills (sewing, art, editing, marketing, or any other skills), teaching basic computer & English, sending mass mailings, event planning, proposal writing, editing/online writing/communication, helping with website maintenance, fundraising, marketing, and taking photographs!


The most important part of being an ambassador is creating awareness about Adbar and focusing on fundraising.

1. Spread awareness about what we do among colleagues, friends, & family.

2. Reach out to partners/ sponsors with which you may have relationships.

3. Explore any potential sources of funding, such as auction items/vacation packages with individuals or companies with which you have relationships with.

Please step forward and make a difference in the lives of low-income women and families and become part of the solution

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