Author: Polly Carpenter

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Sitting at the confluence of four streets, the church site, on the ancestral home of the Massachuset people, has witnessed neighborhood growth from a sleepy agricultural area to a bustling industrial and commercial center....

This past Earth Day, Many Helping Hands 365 partnered with the Brookline Bird Club, Mass Audubon, the Feminist Bird Club Boston, Magazine Beach Partners and The Boston Birding Festival to offer four free bird walks in and around Cambridge. Participants spotted resident birds and migrants—from...

City heat is a special kind of heat. Ask anyone living in an urban area in the month of August. We’re familiar with the fact that cities can be warmer than rural areas—the difference can be as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit! City buildings also...

For Cambridge residents, the Charles and the Mystic Rivers bordering our city community have become a welcome refuge during the pandemic. They are our community’s Edens! But as idyllic as these rivers seem from the shore, both rivers face challenges that affect everyone. ...