You Can Lead A CommunitY Food Drive 

Massachusetts is experiencing the highest percent increase in food insecurity of any state in the country.  Greater Boston Food Bank currently estimates that 15,080 Cambridge residents, or 13% of Cambridge’s entire population, are food insecure. And Cambridge food pantries report a 10-15% increase in their food pantry lines in the last few months. 

This means that one in eight residents you see while running errands don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The food insecurity rate amongst children is even more devastating, with 14.9% of kids in Middlesex County, or 1 in 7 students in your child’s class, lacking reliable access to food.

The pandemic has hit many Cambridge families hard and put a strain on area food pantries. If you have the ability to lead a food drive, we can help you get started and support your work.


Download complete instructions here.

  1. Pick up 25 grocery bags at 74R Fayerweather St Cambridge MA (down the path between 74 and 76). 

  2. If you or your group would like to collect more than 25 bags of food that is awesome! Just let us know!

  3. Print 25 copies of the sample letter, and staple one to the outside of each bag. Be sure to add the name of the food pantry in the letter. 
  4. Distribute the bags to neighbors.
  5. Pick up the bags of donated groceries.
  6. Deliver the bags of groceries to food pantry in this month’s spotlight.
  7. Take photos of how many bags of food you collected. Please take photos of 1) distributing bags, 2) picking up bags, 3) bring bags to the pantry, and email us so we can share our collective work!
  8. Share! We hope too, you will consider tweeting or Instagramming photos of your team delivering your food and tagging us!  @MHH365


Stock a free freezer

Grow fresh produce to donate

Volunteer your helping hands in a community garden or urban farming project that grows for local food pantries

Volunteer for an organization that focuses on hunger and food security