Activist Afternoons: Climate Edition

Ready to make Some Good Trouble?

Join us for for an afternoon to help an amazing group of environmental activists in their work to pass critical climate and environmental legislation. See the six organizations who will be presenting below!

After a brief presentation on the day’s civic actions, we’ll get cracking—writing emails to state legislators, starting a twitter storm, adding public comments, getting out the vote, general rousing of the rabble, and other forms of very good trouble. 

Even if you’ve never been an activist before, this is a great way to get started. Working with others to create change is profoundly inspiring and shows us what we can do as citizens. Plus, you’ll leave the day with lots of new friends who care about the things that matter to you.

Everyone is welcome!


State climate targets mean we won’t be burning gas in the coming decades. But gas workers need jobs and gas customers need affordable heat. How do we keep our climate cool, our homes warm, and leave no one behind? The ‘Future of Heat’ legislation at our statehouse is a first in the nation plan that ensures workers good jobs, ensures everyone has access and allows gas utilities to transition to providing their customers carbon-free, safer heat at a lower cost than gas. 

We’ll contact our legislators at the statehouse and ask them to support a just transition for the future of heat.

Led by Zeyneb Magavi, Co-Executive Director, HEET

Join Cambridge City Councillor Quinton Zondervan in gathering signatures in support of the Cambridge Green New Deal Zoning Petition. Quinton and co-sponsors have introduced a zoning amendment that creates a framework for accepting emissions offsets to create robust green jobs programs and economic opportunity for the most vulnerable members of our community. To pass this law we’ll need lots of support from voters and activists, so please join us in gathering that support.

Led by Quinton Zondervan, Cambridge City Councillor

Join the Environmental Voter Project to mobilize 31,000 low propensity voters in San Antonio and Congressional District 6 in Texas ahead of their May 1st elections. We’ve identified each of these potential voters as highly likely to be a top-priority environmentalist, meaning that when they vote, climate change and the environment are likely to be their most important issues. This opportunity is perfect for both brand new and experienced phone bankers. The best way to make a new environmental voter in 2022 is to get them to start voting in 2021. 

Led by Shannon Seigal, Environmental Voter Project

Plants and solar – what could be a better combination! That’s what the Mothers Out Front Green Roofs Ordinance proposes for all new commercial large construction in Cambridge.

This is your chance to advocate for the impressive benefits of green roofs as a tool to impact climate change. Buildings emit heat and carbon BUT green roofs cool buildings and the surrounding neighborhood, offer habitat for pollinators, help manage stormwater, boost our mental health, clean our air, and when coupled with solar increase clean energy output. Green roofs are a win-win solution to some of the worst effects of climate change on our urban landscape.

Join us for a Twitter storm to tell city councilors to vote yes at the final vote on the ordinance on Monday, April 26th. 

Led by Mothers Out Front, Diane Martin

Massachusetts currently has some of the strongest climate-based regulations in the country for our Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), rules that determine what sorts of energy facilities are eligible for renewable energy subsidies from ratepayers. The Dept of Energy Resources (DOER) has been working to weaken these regulations for the last few years, and they just released their newest draft.

While this version has more stringent regulations around biomass than the previous draft, it still weakens the rules we currently have in place – rules we want to keep as they are.

We’ll take part in the public comment period the DOER has opened to let them know that we don’t want them to move forward with these RPS regulations.

Led by the Jackie Valdez and Zulma
Springfield Climate Justice Coalition’s No Toxic Biomass campaign team

FACT: 8.3 billion tons of plastics have come into the world since they were introduced in the 1950s. Half of that took place in the last 15 years.

Despite false promises from the industry, misleading labels on containers, and the greenwashing of everything about them, only 9% of those plastics have ever been recycled. What’s worse, it takes fossil fuels to make them in the first place.

MASSPIRG has launched several campaigns to reduce plastics: targeted at the MA Legislature and, along with PIRGs around the country, pointed at Congress and big corporations. Come learn how to participate in those campaigns, and get more information on the single use plastics crisis. 

Led by Janet Domenitz, Executive Director, MASSPIRG


Apr 25 2021


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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