Ritsuko Taho "DReam Statements

Intersection of River Street and Massachusetts Avenue

This half-acre installation in the heart of Central Square reveals the inner hopes of Cantabrigians of all ages and backgrounds.

Artist Ritsuko Taho spent five months soliciting “dream statements” via public meetings, workshops, and “dream collection boxes” around the Square. She then inscribed selections on six rings of brass cylinders. The statements range from personal ambitions (becoming a teacher, veterinarian, or dancer; finishing college) to goals for the world at large (ending racism and pollution, increasing tolerance and unity). Three of the scroll rings rests on a pillar of frosted glass bearing the word “dream” in 48 languages.

Commissioned through the Cambridge Arts Council’s Public Art Program.

Artist: Ritsuko Taho; 1995
Title: Multicultural Manifestoes
Materials: Glass, brick, granite