5 Callendar Street, Cambridge

In 1929, a group of Black pastors founded the Cambridge Community Center (CCC) in The Coast neighborhood because the YMCA at the time was for whites-only. The pastors were committed to creating an inclusive space that responded to the growing inequalities and lack of opportunities in the community. 

From its historic facility built in 1882, CCC has served generations of children, teens, and families throughout Cambridge for over 90 years. The Center has initiated many Coast firsts, including the establishment of the first nursery school and the first varsity basketball games open to African Americans. In subsequent decades, the Center has hosted Head Start Program classrooms, the Riverside Health Care Facility, and a wide variety of community, political, and social events. 

Since its inception, the Center has been a frontline resource for youth and families in The Coast. Hundreds of individuals use the facilities throughout the year whether they use services, rent space for events, or are enrolled in one of the large selection of  programs. Many of the staff and children attending programs come from families that have been involved with the Center for four or five generations, enriching the Center with a strong sense of history, family, and community.

Cambridge Community Center (CCC) is currently focused on becoming the first Resilience Hub in the Northeast. Committed to the five Resilience Hub foundational areas (Services & Programs, Communications, Building & Landscapes, Power, and Operations), CCC will leverage its trusted reputation in the community to enhance and improve community support structures, increase commitment to proactive action, and better support the community members who utilize and rely on CCC daily.