Arts & Culture

Cambridge’s rich arts offerings rely on volunteer musicians, scene painters, ushers and costume makers. Get creative, make new friends, and find your place bringing the arts to the wider community. View Current Needs

Children, Youth & Families

Cambridge is home to enormous human and economic resources, but is also home to much need. 15% of Cambridge residents have incomes below the federal poverty level. almost 50% of Cambridge students qualify for free or reduced lunch. There are many ways that volunteers can support Cambridge children & families. View Current Needs


Help Cambridge’s community centers and organizations deliver a wide range of services—from tax prep to health education. If you like to make a difference in the life of your community, your skills and passion have a place. View Current Needs


To fully support the city’s vibrant and diverse student population there are a wide range of organizations that can use your help. In addition to young students, there are many older learners in the Cambridge community. There are students working to succeed in 2 and 4 year colleges. There are newcomers learning English and there are adults working to get their GED. View Current Needs


Cambridge is a thriving and populous city, the 5th densest city in the nation, with over 105,000 residents in 7 square miles. Cambridge is also home to diverse environmental ecosystem that includes both Fresh Pond and the Charles River. Our city government works hard to protect our environment, and they are joined by many non-profit groups who work to preserve and grow a healthy natural environment. View Current Needs

Food & Hunger

1 in 10 people in Cambridge visited a food pantry in 2013. There are many ways you can help provide food assistance to families and individuals in need. Support local food panties by donating food and your time, help with food rescue programs or serve a meal at many of the programs in the city. View Current Needs


In Cambridge there were 540 homeless men, women, and children on a given night in 2013. Most are able to find room in emergency shelters or transitional housing, but approximately 70 individuals were found to be living outside in the middle of the night in January 2013. There is much needed to support these individuals and families get back on their feet. View Current Needs

Immigrants & Refugees

30% of Cambridge residents were born abroad and our public school children come from over 80 countries. There are many ways to help newcomers including: teaching ESL, mentoring a newly-settled family, organizing a clothing drive, or taking a new family to a cultural event. Volunteers play a vital role in helping to welcome our new neighbors. View Current Needs

Law, Policy & Advocacy

Cambridge organizations offer a wealth of opportunities to engage with law, policy and advocacy. From lending your legal or counseling skills to help low-income families and individuals to advocating for a nuclear-free future your skills and time are valued by these organizations. View Current Needs


Cambridge has more than 15,000 residents over 65 years old. There are many ways to make a difference in the life of Cambridge seniors from helping with practical skills and needs or giving the gift of companionship and friendship. View Current Needs


Cambridge is home to multiple organizations that support women in our community. Lend a hand to help these groups serve women. View Current Needs

Would you like to talk to someone about volunteering in Cambridge?

Cambridge Senior Volunteer Clearinghouse helps people of all ages find the right volunteering opportunity.

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