Haiku Project– Please Participate!

We want to invite you to join in an exciting January project I have created with former Cambridge Poet Populist – Jean Dany Joachim.

We are creating a city-wide conversation project to respond to the events of Ferguson, Staten Island, as well as persistent racism in Cambridge.  In the next two weeks we are holding Haiku poetry workshops and discussions across the city.

 We have created a website so that more people can participate.  All of the Haikus will be collected and compiled in a book of poems that will be shared with city residents on Martin Luther King Day (January 19th) at City Hall.

It would be wonderful it you would consider participate in the project. We would also love if you would be able to share the project and website with your Cambridge friends and community.

We have over 50 poems already but we would love 300 by the end of the week! We are hoping to have many many voices contribute to this project!

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